Majokko Shimai no Yoyo to Nene [Review] | Sekijitsu - せきじつ

A sister duo of cursers named Yoyo and Nene help people by either removing or putting curses on people. Suddenly, a large tree entangled with building — and other thing outside of this world — spouts up in their world. Stricken with curiosity the sisters go out to investigate the reason such a tree has grown in the forest and encounter two children. One of the sister, Yoyo, goes in to ask the kids about this tree and gets transported into a new world…

Haven’t done a review in a while and Magical Sisters Yoyo & Nene seemed interesting enough to review. Really, this film is incredibly animated and the story itself is pretty average. Regardless it was a fun time to watch and at the very least should get some recognition. If you wish to read the full review just click the link above to the sekijitsu post.

Tokyo ESP [First Impressions] | Sekijitsu - せきじつ

The combination of science fiction and fantasy has always been a rather odd mix for me. On one hand we have something that tries to grounded in as much reality as possible, and this includes the “fiction” part of science fiction; and on the other is something that is right out of left field with magic and many other things that wouldn’t be probable. So when mixing these two…

The last of the first impressions I will be doing this season over on sekijitsu. The short version of this post is that Tokyo ESP is one of the top anime I’m looking forward to watching this season, based on the first episode alone. I do discuss more of the interesting bits that appear in the anime, like the mixing of supernatural powers with science based technology. If you in anyway are interested in reading my first impressions, click the link above.

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun [First Impressions] | Sekijitsu - せきじつ

Going into Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun, I didn’t know what to expect but I did have Bakuman on the brain only because they both revolve about mangaka. With the just first episode, it feels like this anime will be more focused on the comedy aspects rather than the actual struggle of mangaka trying to become serialized. And that is fine considering…

Another first impression by me over at sekijitsu. This is another love hate relationship for me as far as genres go — in this case Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun being a romcom. I explain my conflict of this genre in this post, however I did enjoy this anime so far and will most likely continue to watch it. Like always, if you want to read my full opinion, just click the link provided above and enjoy.

Sword Art Online II [First Impressions] | Sekijitsu - せきじつ

Back with a new season of Sword Art Online, or rather Gun Gale Online this time around. And as one of the many people extremely critical of the previous season, specifically the ALfheim Online arc, I’m going into this pretty sceptical on whether this season will be any good. Like last season, SAO II presents the hook pretty early on and for this season, it is the death gun that seems to be causing people’s deaths in the real world, after being shot by it. To me, it is interesting enough to want to see what happens next; however…

Another season has come, and first impressions are coming out. The first anime on sekijitsu I’m writing out is the rather infamous Sword Art Online series. I’m interested in seeing how this series goes overall because SAO initially started out interesting and then quickly got worse; regardless, this first episode’s setup was interesting enough to continue watching SAO II. If you want to read my full thoughts on this season of Sword Art Online, just check out link above.

Harmonie: Stepping into Your World | Sekijitsu - せきじつ

Transitioning from middle to high school can be somewhat of a fresh start, where people get to reinvent themselves in order to better fit their new surrounding. There are also those that stick to their roots and hang out with the old friend they have had from the previous years. There is no clear right or wrong way to approach such matters, but…

Rather late to talk about the anime coming out of Anime Mirai, but it always feels more timeless to discuss about things in the past if you editorialize it; and this is exactly what I’ve done for this editorial over on sekijitsu. In particular, I’m writing about the dichotomy between collectivism and individualism within the context of Harmonie and teenage growth within a high school setting. Harmonie really does present it in an interesting way that I felt like writing about, and may add to the experience for those that have watched it.

Do keep in mind that I wrote this with the assumption that the readers have watched Harmonie, so it is full of spoiler. However, if the struggle to find a place to be accept while trying to be your own individual intrigues you, then you should take a look at this editorial I wrote.

[NSFW] Nozoki Ana: More Than Skin Deep | Sekijitsu - せきじつ

One the most difficult things that anime, or any medium aimed at the teenager age range, has a hard time handling in a mature way is sex — and any sexual topics for that matter. Anything of this nature ends up getting dumbed down to scenes that focus on the racier bits…

For the past few weeks I’ve been on a manga binge for whatever reason. The good thing that came out from it was when I came across the manga called Nozoki Ana. On the surface some people would pass it off as another shameless ecchi with no real substance, but the would only be seeing what was on the surface. The main focus of the post I’ve written on sekijitsu is almost a combination of two posts made here — that being Sexy Violence and Maturity Not Included — only in the context of this wonderful manga Nozoki Ana.

This is also the first post I would tag “NSFW” only because of the content of the manga — but there is a few pictures in the post that are sexually suggestive. Regardless, I found a manga that handles sexual content in a mature way, plus it was a fun read; so if you are curious about the manga itself, the post explains what the base plot is and a few topics it covers. I really did enjoy Nozoki Ana and if this peeks your interest you should check out the manga.

Kimi no Iru Machi: The Unkindled Flame | Sekijitsu - せきじつ

There have already been two OVAs of Kimi no Iru Machi after the original anime finished airing back in the summer of 2013. I didn’t want to write about the first OVA considering it was just a flashback; however, this one that air recently is one that peaked my interest enough to want to actually talk about a particular character who got a decent amount of spotlight in the episode. The character I’m talking about is Eba Rin.

After watching OVA 2, of Kimi no Iru Machi, I decided to write about one my favorite yet neglected characters, Eba Rin. It’s been a while since I’ve written in this editorial style, but I just wanted to express why Rin should of been more developed in the series and never did. And surprisingly, the OVAs of Kimi no Iru Machi feel a lot better than the actual anime. Regardless, this post on sekijitsu is mostly about Eba Rin and if you had some interests in seeing her development as a character, I wrote the post in the defense of her.

Anime: The World of Fake Romance | The Artifice

Love is everywhere. Here, there, wherever you’re reading this excerpt from, even in the fictional world… right?

I stumbled upon this article and was fascinated by the title simple because I’ve been having the same feeling recently. At first I thought it might be I built an immunity to the love, like it was some kind of drug, since I do watch quite a few romances. Later, I began to realize that there is this lingering stench of falsehood to a good chunk of romances.

Although the excerpt coming from the link doesn’t say much about it, the content give nice examples of the bad, or fake, romances and the good; it flows pretty well making for an entertaining read that ties both opposites within a similar context — that being the harem genre.

An interesting thing that popped into my head while reading this was the formula that was set in place strictly because, on the manga and anime side, the writers wanted to keep an engaged audience — for example adding new character or more conflict between establish relationships. This formula, like many other mediums, ended up becomes what romance is known today and the new form is anything but realistic or believable. It has gotten to a point where I sometimes catch myself saying thing like, “I expect these characters to fall in love”, so when they do — even without any kind of development — you trick yourself into tightening up the loose ends yourself.

So if you are interested in a deeper look at the romance genre, I’d say give this one a read.

Date A Live II [First Impressions] | Sekijitsu - せきじつ

Following the pattern that Date A Live has set for itself, at least to me, the first episode in to the season isn’t that entertaining and tilted more towards the annoying realm. The easiest way to describe this episode is that it was Shidou’s bad fur day…

The last of my batch of first impressions for the season. I could of done more since I’m not doing anything for this blog specifically, but I’m taking it easy for the time being and three just feels like the right amount for this style of not-so-short formed writing. Date A Live II was also one of my second season hype for this season, but unfortunately the first episode wasn’t that great. I’m still excited to see whats to come in this series but sometimes you have a bad episode or two.

Fairy Tail (2014) [First Impressions] | Sekijitsu - せきじつ

Well, I’m a week later to the punch, but I wanted to do my first impressions of the new season of Fairy Tail even with the second episode already being out. So believe it or not, this was my most anticipated anime coming out this season and I’m happy to see that the first episode pretty much came swinging right where it left off. So right off that bat, I noticed the slight change in art style…

Fairy Tail is back and even with my excitement for this anime, I missed the week where it actually aired. This is another first impressions over at sekijitsu and lets just say the Fairy Tail return was pretty nice. Either way, check out the full impressions if you are interested.