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Love is everywhere. Here, there, wherever you’re reading this excerpt from, even in the fictional world… right?

I stumbled upon this article and was fascinated by the title simple because I’ve been having the same feeling recently. At first I thought it might be I built an immunity to the love, like it was some kind of drug, since I do watch quite a few romances. Later, I began to realize that there is this lingering stench of falsehood to a good chunk of romances.

Although the excerpt coming from the link doesn’t say much about it, the content give nice examples of the bad, or fake, romances and the good; it flows pretty well making for an entertaining read that ties both opposites within a similar context — that being the harem genre.

An interesting thing that popped into my head while reading this was the formula that was set in place strictly because, on the manga and anime side, the writers wanted to keep an engaged audience — for example adding new character or more conflict between establish relationships. This formula, like many other mediums, ended up becomes what romance is known today and the new form is anything but realistic or believable. It has gotten to a point where I sometimes catch myself saying thing like, “I expect these characters to fall in love”, so when they do — even without any kind of development — you trick yourself into tightening up the loose ends yourself.

So if you are interested in a deeper look at the romance genre, I’d say give this one a read.

Date A Live II [First Impressions] | Sekijitsu - せきじつ

Following the pattern that Date A Live has set for itself, at least to me, the first episode in to the season isn’t that entertaining and tilted more towards the annoying realm. The easiest way to describe this episode is that it was Shidou’s bad fur day…

The last of my batch of first impressions for the season. I could of done more since I’m not doing anything for this blog specifically, but I’m taking it easy for the time being and three just feels like the right amount for this style of not-so-short formed writing. Date A Live II was also one of my second season hype for this season, but unfortunately the first episode wasn’t that great. I’m still excited to see whats to come in this series but sometimes you have a bad episode or two.

Fairy Tail (2014) [First Impressions] | Sekijitsu - せきじつ

Well, I’m a week later to the punch, but I wanted to do my first impressions of the new season of Fairy Tail even with the second episode already being out. So believe it or not, this was my most anticipated anime coming out this season and I’m happy to see that the first episode pretty much came swinging right where it left off. So right off that bat, I noticed the slight change in art style…

Fairy Tail is back and even with my excitement for this anime, I missed the week where it actually aired. This is another first impressions over at sekijitsu and lets just say the Fairy Tail return was pretty nice. Either way, check out the full impressions if you are interested.

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei [First Impressions] | Sekijitsu - せきじつ

Going head first into Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei, the first thing that drew me into the first few minutes was the fact that magic was explained as more of a produce of science rather than something supernatural. The only gripe I have with this type of reasoning is why is it even called “magic” in the first place? By definition…

This is the first of the first impressions coming from me on sekijitsu. Just a friendly reminder, I wont be posting original content on this blog consistently; so for the most part this will by be the majority of content coming from this blog for the time being. Regardless, Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei is very interesting for the first episode that came out, and I’m just glad to see something involving a magical school.

Hanging Up My Blogging Hat

It’s been a while since I’ve done a standalone update post, but this one will probably be the last one in awhile.

So after over a year of blogging on tumblr, the more time that goes on it feels like I’m going nowhere. And with all things that end up stagnate, it slowly become less and less enjoyable to keep up with, and in the case of writing about anime, this rings true. Sure there are some posts I look forward to writing about every now and then, but those are stuck in between ones that I dread writing and end up postponing to the time when I should be writing another post. This soon resulted in the cycle of me quickly losing interest in keeping my blog’s content frequently updated simple because I enjoyed doing it.

Like many things I lose interest in, I feel like it is time to distance myself aways from it for a more significant amount of time. I’ve taken a month break before just to refresh myself, but now this is far closer to quitting out right. There might be some posts every now and then, certainly not as frequent as weekly, but I wont guarantee anything. So instead of writing, I think it is time for me to focus on other hobbies I’ve put on the back burner after establishing a thing for writing critically — which is programming and gaming centric stuff.

And for those that actually follow the links to my work on sekijitsu, you may be wondering about that. Well as of the last month, and this one, the activity has dropped significantly and so has my weekly posting — which has basically changed to bi-weekly. I’m going to keep at it for this season since I am cover the second season of Gin no Saji, but that is ending this Thursday; if anything, most of my write will be going there and this blog will serve as a link to that content.

I can’t really say how long I want to stay in the anime blogging scene, but I do want to get to that half a year mark for sekijitsu and probably just cut it off there. It’s been fun while I enjoyed actually doing this type of write, and some people have come and interacted with me, but that was short lived. I’ve learned a few things about expressing my opinion — at least writing my thoughts done, not so much vocally — and that will come in handy. I still love watching anime and talking about, I just don’t see myself writing about it in the distant future; and as my signing out quote, I will use the words of Cave Johnson from Portal 2, “I’m done here”.

Covering the Tracks

Linda Cying

Not everyone has the perfect past where they can excitedly and positively speak about it without a healthily amount of censorship or just sugarcoating it. With any kind of skeletons from the past that people wish to step over, there isn’t going to be many willing to face the problem head on and tend to either outright ignore them or forget about them. Things like this are normal psychological responses to a significant amount of stress coming at one time. So when these response pop up in anime, there is usually some interesting foreshadowing for where a character is most likely going to grow.

When it comes to the current season, and a couple that are has extended from the previous season, there a quite a few. The first one being Golden Time where Banri is trying to figure out what past he forgot; of course, as he starts to remember his past, thing get significantly more messy and less of a clear path of where he will end up. There are far more anime around different subjects regarding the past, but the other anime that I want to point to is Silver Spoon and Hachiken’s not-so-wonderful parents.

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Passion Filled Promise

Blushing Onodera

With the many different tropes that fill the romance comedy genre, there is one in particular that has perplex me to the point of wondering why it tends to show up so frequently. I wrote about this before in a more specific sub-type of this trope, but it didn’t really cover the scope of something this common. The thing I am alluding to is in many high school romances, which are based off some promise made back when both people were much younger; and with youth, it isn’t that serious of a statement to make. You wouldn’t think that something so simple would actually get to me, but after years of something so abundant it wears you down — especially with this season in full swing.

To be more specific, Nisekoi has been the biggest and worse abuser of promises, whether the characters have remembered them or not. Even if it is entertaining as a comedy, the romance and things that tie each of the characters’ relationships together is — for the most part — based on a promise. So instead of rage about it in my head for a couple of days, until the next episode and begin the cycle again, I want to attempt explaining why the Japanese population is so obsessed with the idea of past promises — especially when it is as a young age. So lets dive in!

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Waiting For My Own

Demon Yukine

With all the many variations of high school focused or generally school based anime, there are quite a few that focus on something as pressing issue for many humans in-between child and adult. That issue being a sense of belonging, and wanting to fit in, mixed with the desire to be unique. Really these two urges are somewhat conflicting in the sense that in order to fit in you need to, at the very least, have some common ground to build a relationship off of. So balancing that is where the tricky part comes in, and there aren’t that many anime that capture the aspect of belonging while still maintaining some kind of character independence.

When it comes to people that simply never felt like they have fit in anywhere, there isn’t that much to go off of, since they lack the experience that is needed to lean on. So it takes a lot of effort to make someone like this realize that, for the most part, rather than distancing yourself from others, you have to meet in the middle just so both participates don’t feel like they are sacrificing more than the other — and both are on equal footing. The one anime this season that is both taking on such a topic and executing it quite well is Noragami via our rather troublesome Shinki named Yukine.

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Parental Advisory

Nervous Mother

It’s not too often that we see a character, at least in anime, who has the type of personality that was a product of his or her parents’ influence. Usually the only influence their parents have over a character is motivation to fuel a revenge plot that may or may not be any good to watch. That type of imbalance is very odd to me considering that — despite what many teenagers might think — a person’s personality is influenced by their parents. Sure the amount of influence your parents have on ones personality will variety, but even the smallest bit of impact can have some type of significants.

With one of the recent episodes of Gin no Saji — Silver Spoon — revealed Hachiken Yuugo’s parents, and the problems that are in his relationship with them, I’ve been really thinking about the importance of parental influence in an anime character. A few months back I wrote about the fact of there being a lack of any kind of parent appearances made things more convenient in high school romance anime; however, that lack of parent-child interaction never bared well for observing anything that could be considered a trait that the child picked up from his or her parents.

By actually having some type of connect with the character’s parents, it feels like these characters are more believable. Simply by having a parent that is actually influential to the main character, it make it easier to perceive the character has been living for more than just this slice of the story, without the need of a backstory flashback. Having parents that actually contribute to the main character’s development also is a good way to build a world just like adding any character to a story is, only this is specific to the main character’s family tree. And as mentioned, Silver Spoon is a good example of something like this that I want to explore further, so be wary of the spoilers below.

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Love, Hate, and Everything In-between

Sights on Love

There is a pretty common phase about love and hate, that has to do with there being a fine line between them. And there is a lot of legitimacy coming for the saying simply because both emotions are strongly influenced by one particular person; not only that, but that person gets the attention of you also to the point of obsession. Whether you want to strangle their neck or kiss it, those feelings are pretty much coming from the fact that you have this intense fascination for someone; depending on where that fascination is fueled by hate or love, will influenced what body part you wish to use on said neck.

Probably the most interesting use of these extreme emotions this season is Toaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta. Knowing the deep hatred that Kal-El has for Nina Viento — which was reveal right from the first episode — there was some amount of certainty that they would meet up eventually in the story; and with the more recent reveal, this is what made for a bigger surprise than anything. Not only did we know about Kal-El’s thirst for revenge, we also saw the beginnings of a romantic relationship between him and Claire Cruz. The wonderful twist is that the one he is beginning to love, is the one he hates the most to his core; and this whole dynamic is something that really is a fascinating hint at what is to come in this series.

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